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Managed Data Wireless is the answer

  • A Multi-Carrier Network - 3G Networks deliver the combined coverage of AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon - all in a managed wireless solution
  • We see things your way - By discreetly selecting the best carrier for each of your locations, we can deliver the fastest data rate possible for you, the customer - best interest for the carrier is not the focus
  • For 99.9% of businesses in the U.S., 3G Network can supply last mile connectivity without DSL, VSAT, or Frame Relay
  • The 3G Network is truly redundant: diverse carrier interconnections, diverse carriers, and redundant data centers

Why Managed Data Wireless for Failover and Backup?

  • Problem: In most network designs, primary wire line and backup connections are run through the same conduit. Most data service outages are the result of a line cut close to or on the customer premise. In the case of a line cut, a customer usually loses the backup circuit along with the primary one.

    The alternative to running data connections along the same path is to use a multithreaded approach. This is expensive and only as effective as far as the multithreading can be extended.
  • Solution: Managed Data Wireless - The 3G Network provides instant connectivity anywhere 3G Coverage is available, providing complete protection against line cuts & other types of outages.
  • Bonus Solution: The 3G Network is generally available in those remote locations where network connectivity is limited


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