Tele/Data.. We're Giving Data A Voice..
Tele/Data can help with call volume
  • Increase Sales Revenue

  • Improved accuracy & faster service on ALL orders!

    Increase Telephone Orders with Improved Accuracy & Faster Service
    Tele/Data is available 24/7 to answer all incoming calls for YOUR business.

    Never again miss a To-Go order, appointment request or emergency service call!

    The sole focus of our team is to ensure your customers receive the quality service they expect from your business. Each member of the Tele/Data Team has been trained to provide fast and efficient order processing, while maintaining a courteous environment.

    We act as the face of your business and treat every contact as an opportunity to build customer loyalty and increase the value of the order.

    Often your customers may not be aware of the additional services or offerings your company can or would like to provide. We find the right opportunity to present those offerings, up selling your customers to where you would like them to be.

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